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In line with McDonald’s mission to provide timely and transparent updates on our sustainability performance, we are evolving our reporting approach. Instead of focusing on a single annual Sustainability Report, we are transitioning a more continuous reporting strategy to share current information on topics of importance to our business and society.

In early 2017 we published our Global Beef Sustainability report which introduces our new 2020 beef sustainability goals. The report includes key highlights of our efforts to date in helping to lead a global movement on beef sustainability, including case studies from around the world. To complement the report we have also updated our country stories on our website, where you can find further details of what is happening at the ground level.

The second in our series of updates features key elements of our sustainable coffee sourcing efforts. The Coffee Sustainability Report shares progress toward our 2020 aspirational goal, introduces our new McCafé Sustainability Improvement Platform (SIP), highlights our participation in Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge and shares on-the-ground success stories. Download the report here to learn more!

The third in our series of updates focuses on sustainable packaging and fiber sourcing. Download our Sustainable Fiber-based Packaging Report to learn more about progress toward our 2020 aspirational goal, advancements toward deforestation in our fiber supply chain and how we are collaborating with others to generate positive impacts across the industry.

Welcome to the 2014 Good Business Report.

Being a modern, progressive burger company starts with making every customer visit simple, easy and enjoyable. It also means supporting—and leading—meaningful change our customers notice across our industry, our value chain and the communities we serve.

Driven by what customers expect of McDonald’s, we’re refocusing our business and moving with a faster cadence of action. Our commitment to bolder decision-making, customer-centric innovation and renewed emphasis on the fundamentals extends to our sustainability efforts. We’re making progress on those things that matter most to our customers, business and society.

We recognize that lasting change starts with partnerships. We’re taking bigger, bolder steps with our global network of franchisees, suppliers and employees. Our franchisees’ efforts to operate greener restaurants and support their local communities drive our environmental goals and reflect our culture of giving back. Our suppliers’ insights and innovation underpin our work to source our food and packaging sustainably. Our company has been partnering with respected organizations for years – and as founders of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, we’re developing globally accepted criteria for sustainable beef.

At the same time, we’re championing simplicity and efficiency at every level — from resource efficiency in the supply chain to environmental efficiency in the restaurants. We’re managing energy use, recycling waste and conserving water to build our brand and drive the business.

Thank you for your interest and for your contributions to our sustainability progress. I look forward to the work we’ll do together in the coming year.


Steve Easterbrook

President & CEO, McDonald's Corporation


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