Balance Work & Life

Balancing work with your life outside of it can be challenging. McDonald's believes that it's important to strike the right balance. That's why we offer many programs designed to help our employees maintain or regain the right balance.

Vacation Time & Holidays

McDonald's offers paid vacation for staff employees as well as Restaurant Management employees. The amount of vacation time employees have available depends on how long they have worked at McDonald's. In addition, McDonald's offers ten paid holidays (less for part-time workers) for eligible employees.

Sick & Personal Time

McDonald's offers paid sick and personal time for staff employees up to 10 sick days and 2 personal days per calendar year (less for part-time staff employees). The amount of days depends on the employee's hire date during the year.

Anniversary Splash

Eligible employees get an extra week of paid time off in the year when they reach an anniversary “on the fives” – their five, fifteen, twenty-five or thirty-five year anniversary.

Sabbatical Program

Eligible employees can take an eight-week paid sabbatical for every 10 years of full-time continuous service with the company.

Short Fridays

In the summer months, McDonald's offices follow a compressed work week in order to end early on Fridays.  All full-time staff employees are eligible for summer hours.

Leave of Absence

Because employees may be faced with difficult situations that require them to take time from work, McDonald's provides a leave of absence program with specific policies regarding types of leave such as family and medical leave, adoption leave and funeral leave.

Alternative Work Approach & Flexible Work Option

To help staff better balance their work and personal life, they may be able to arrange an Alternative Work Approach or Flexible Work Option. Examples include job sharing and part-time schedules.

Adoption Assistance

Our adoption assistance program helps employees afford the costs associated with adopting a child under age 18. Employees are reimbursed for 80% of eligible expenses, up to $2,500 per child.

Child Care

McDonald's has agreements with two national child care providers - Childrens' Creative Learning Centers (Kindercare, Champions and others) and Learning Care Group (La Petite Academy, Childtime and others) - for a 10% discount on tuition for employees. (Some providers may not offer discounted rates for children under age 2.)

Educational Assistance

Our educational assistance program helps support eligible employees in their efforts to further their education. Employees can get reimbursed for eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $5,250 a year ($2,000 a year for part-time employees), for grades "C" and above.

Matching Gift Program

Our matching gifts program is designed to encourage employee support of not-for-profit organizations. With this program, McDonald's matches employee gifts to qualified educational, civic, cultural, health and youth organizations with one dollar for every dollar the employee contributes, up to $5,000 a year.

Employee Resource Connection

This program gives eligible employees access to a broad array of services that help them manage many facets of their life outside the office, including: Concierge services, for help in finding resources for almost anything employees may be interested in; financial services, for help with subjects such as setting a budget, getting out of debt, and any other financial information; legal services, for legal information and, if necessary, referrals to qualified attorneys; and counseling services for professional, confidential assistance for managing problems and personal concerns.

Auto and Home Insurance Program

McDonald's employees can purchase auto and home insurance through a discounted Auto and Home Insurance Program. The Auto and Home Insurance Program offers a McDonald's group rate plus other advantages.

Entertainment and Shopping Discount Program

McDonald's employees have access to everyday savings on shopping, restaurants, entertainment, cell phone services, travel and more. There are thousands of vendor discounts, coupon offers and limited time offer deals.