Internal Programs


At McDonald’s, we pride ourselves as being a premier education and training institution. From our long legacy of preparing restaurant managers to run multi-million dollar businesses through their training at Hamburger University and our leadership development programs, we find it invaluable for our future.

We are constantly looking for more opportunities to provide our employees the tools they need to succeed at McDonald’s and in life. As for inclusion and diversity, we've developed a curriculum that teaches our employees how to move from awareness to action in the area of inclusion and intercultural management. In addition, we have a series of career development classes that providess insights to groups who may need additional assistance in navigating their careers.

Our inclusion and diversity curriculum courses include:

  • Asian Pacific Middle East Career Development

  • Black Career Development

  • Hispanic Career Development

  • Lesbian Gay Career Development

  • Women’s Career Development

  • Intercultural Learning Lab


While mentoring is not a new concept, McDonald’s has taken mentoring into the 21st Century by introducing and offering a web-based tool used for matching, tracking and facilitating Advisor/Learner (mentor/mentee) relationships across an entire organization. Our program incorporates the latest technology features of both informal and formal mentoring approaches, providing a virtual environment to encourage Career Engagements (one-to-one), Topical Engagements (group/peer learning/sharing), and Situational Engagements (short-term, special projects) that benefit individuals, groups, and McDonald’s.

Employee Business Networks

McDonald’s has a long history of supporting and building employee business networks. These networks began and continue to be voluntary interrelated groups of employees who provide support and act as advocates for the employees they represent. In addition, they serve to provide a sense of community within McDonald’s among the participants. Additionally, today they provide information, education, and advice for both the employees and the company. They have also aligned themselves with the company’s strategic business plans and have positioned themselves as networks that can positively impact the bottom line of our organization and team members.

Our current national Employee Business Networks and Employee Resource Groups are:

  • APMEN – Asia Pacific Middle East Network

  • Hispanic Employee Network

  • McDonald’s African American Council

  • McDonald’s PRIDE Network

  • McDonald's Veterans Employee Resource Group

  • Women’s Leadership Network

  • Working Mothers’ Council

  • Young Professionals Network