We are pleased to provide 2016 financial highlights, including:

  • McDonald's 2016 financial information

  • Segment operating results

  • A 6-year summary of key financial highlights

  • Restaurants by country

Download McDonald's 2016 Financial Information

The financial information in the downloadable files, McDonald's 2016 Financial Information & 2016 Restaurants by Country, should be read in conjunction with the management discussion and analysis, and the notes on consolidated financial statements contained in the 2016 Form 10-K.

New Reporting Segments: Historical Financials

McDonald's Form 8-K that provides investors with summary segment financial information and historical data (consistent with its new reporting structure) is available below:

Annual Report .ccc-tile.text-left
Supplemental Financial Data .ccc-tile.text-left
SEC Filings.ccc-tile.text-left