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Lizzie (^LRO)

My Twitter-Sized Job Description: Communicating all things McDonald's to audiences around the world

Why I Love McDonald's: Tasty food, great people & Grimace

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): Shamrock Shake, Big Mac, French Fries...this list is endless

Why I Love Twitter: I like to follow current events, football news & parenting blogs, & it's a fun way to connect with others

One Word That Describes Me: Uber-organized

Lindsey (^LA)

My Twitter-Sized Job Description: Bringing all things McDonald’s to a device near you

Why I Love McDonald's: McDonald’s does amazing things for its employees & communities around the world …and, obviously, the food is delicious!

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): Egg McMuffin, Southwest Salad, Cheeseburger and Vanilla Cone!

Why I Love Twitter: I can quickly stay updated with what’s going on in the world.

One Word That Describes Me: Friendly

Jeanette (^JL)

My Twitter-Sized Job Description: Keeping folks in the loop about what’s happening at McDonald’s.

Why I Love McDonald's: Great food, amazing people and a fantastic place to work!

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): Egg McMuffin, Shamrock Shake and French Fries!

Why I Love Twitter: It keeps me updated on what’s going on out there in this big world. Not to mention all of the celebrity gossip!

One Word That Describes Me: Silly

Jori (^JH)
Jori twitter

My Twitter-Sized Job Description: I focus on communication inside McDonald’s – sharing stories that inform, inspire, and strengthen the business.

Why I Love McDonald's: Good food, good people & a commitment to continuous improvement: the closer I look, the more #imlovinit!

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item(s): Double Cheeseburger, Diet Coke, Bacon/Egg/Cheese Bagel, Caramel Frappe, Coffee!!

Why I Love Twitter: The instant connection to so many smart and interesting resources. Plus it's FREE!

One Word That Describes Me: Versatile

Steve (^SM)

My Twitter-Sized Job Description: I help tell the world the great stories behind the Golden Arches– from the history, to the people, to our unique global menu items.

Why I Love McDonald's: It’s an awesome company full of good people and great food that lends lots of support to local communities around the world. Also, I’m a pretty big fan of Mayor McCheese – he’s the man!

My Favorite McDonald's Menu Item: I’d have to go with the Egg McMuffin, snack wraps, McWraps, and chicken sandwiches of all types…mmmmh now I’m getting hungry. 

Why I Love Twitter: Twitter makes things nice and simple, and is a really fun way of communicating with folks across the world. I also enjoy Twitter language…it’s fun making up shortened words to fit that 140 character limit.

One Word That Describes Me: Positive

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