McDonald's Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share an idea with McDonald's about a new product, service, promotional concept or other innovation that I believe would benefit McDonald's?

It is our company’s policy not to consider unsolicited ideas from outside the McDonald’s system. Because we are always working on new ideas and strategies within the Company, we do not review ideas from outside McDonald’s to avoid confusion over the origin of an idea. We realize that we may be missing out on a few good ideas, but we had to adopt this policy for legal and business reasons.

How would my company do business with McDonald's?

While McDonald's Corporation appreciates companies and suppliers who take their time to send us corporate information and propositions for business alliances, the large volume of unsolicited business proposals received by McDonald's precludes acknowledgement of this information. It is our policy to initiate contact with outside suppliers on as needed basis. 

Where can I find your Annual Report or systemwide sales?

For comprehensive financial information, please click on our Investors page.