McDonald's Charity of Choice


Helping Children and Families as the Ronald McDonald's House Charities (RMHC) Mission Partner

Our "Charity of Choice," RMHC, helps keep families and children close to each other and the medical care and resources they need to thrive. RMHC is recognized globally for its role in enabling family-centered care and providing accommodations and support to families who need to seek medical treatment far from home. Through its network of over 300 Chapters spanning over 63 countries and regions, RMHC allows families to access the care and resources they need. The entire McDonald’s system has been right beside RMHC for over 40 years. As the Charity’s founding mission partner, McDonald’s has helped RMHC positively impact millions of children and their families since 1974, and the number of children and families positively impacted continues to grow throughout the world. See the  RMHC website for more information about RMHC.


RMHC: committed to compassionate care, responsible stewardship and environmental sustainability

While pursuing its mission in support of children and families, RMHC is committed to environmental sustainability. The Charity recognizes a responsibility to:

  • provide a healthy and comfortable space for families staff and volunteers
  • make the best use of the financial resources with which the Charity has been entrusted
  • protect the environment and shared natural resources within the communities they serve

As part of the RMHC Impact Strategy, Ronald McDonald House programs around the world are working to incorporate sustainable practices into both the building design and everyday operations including energy, water, and waste management.


Supporting Children and Families in
60 Countries and Regions

Thanks to the support of McDonald’s owner/operators, employees, suppliers and customers, as well as other corporate partners and individual donors, RMHC continues to expand its impact on the lives of children and families around the world.

Over 300 RMHC Chapters in over 63 countries and regions help families around the world through:

More than 358 Ronald McDonald Houses
More than 208 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms
More than 49 Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles

At least one core program provides care for families being served at 90% of top children’s hospitals worldwide.

More than 7 million children and families were served in 2015 alone.

In 2016, the Charity plans to open 11 new Ronald McDonald Houses, add 13 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms and launch 6 new Ronald McDonald Care Mobile programs.


RMHC is an independent not-for-profit organization that is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. The Charity receives funds and other support from multiple organizations, including the McDonald’s System and others.