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McDonald’s has a long history of being involved in sustainability. These signature programs have become a key part of our sustainability and social responsibility strategy:


Beef Sustainability

Our journey to verified sustainable beef.

McDonald's aims to begin purchasing verified sustainable beef in 2016 — and we're on a journey to get there.


Coffee Sustainability

Globally, we're committed to responsible coffee sourcing.

At McDonald's, we're committed to bringing you great-tasting coffee and espresso brewed from high quality coffee beans. At the same time, we realize that when it comes to coffee sourcing — where we get our beans and the farmers who grow them — it's important that we think about the long-term impacts of coffee production and trading.


Best Practices

At McDonald’s, it’s not just about the food we serve,
but how we bring it to the table.

To capture and recognize sustainability best practices from across the McDonald’s System, we’ve created the Global Best of Green and the Global Best of Sustainable Supply.

Check out the latest “Best of” selections:


Best of Sustainable Supply

Quality, safe products without supply interruption while improving the ethical, environmental, and economic impacts of doing business.


Best of Green

Building a better business through effective environmental practices around the world.