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Reduce Salt/Sodium, Sugar, Saturated Fat or Calories Across the Menu (Top 9 Markets)

In 2014, we planned to establish specific aspirational goals for reducing sodium, sugar, saturated fat or calories in the top 9 markets by 2015. We have been challenged in establishing a single metric across the top 9 markets that accurately reflects and sufficiently captures nutrient improvements across our menu. Nutrition priorities vary significantly from market to market so we recognize that we must allow for local variability and actions as it relates to these specific nutrients. However we continue to measure and disclose the nutrition profile of core menu items. From printed brochures and nutrition labeling right on select food packaging, to innovative mobile apps, QR codes and online nutrition calculators, as well as calories on menu boards, our multifaceted approaches give McDonald’s customers the information they seek in many markets around the world.

In addition, throughout our ongoing dialogue on this goal, we’ve seen growing interest from consumers around simplifying ingredients. As such, our forward-looking vision is focused on this expectation and aligned with a holistic approach to the nutrition and ingredient profile of our menu.

Over the last several years, a number of McDonald’s markets have made nutrition improvements to certain menu favorites. For example, since 2010, McDonald’s France and McDonald’s Germany have reduced the sodium in our Medium Fries by approximately 58%1 and McDonald’s USA has reduced sodium in Medium Fries by about 30%. During that same time, the Company reduced sodium by varying levels in our popular McNuggets in a number of markets.2 We also reduced sodium in commonly used ingredients such as some of our burger buns, American cheese and ketchup, which helped to reduce the overall sodium in our Cheeseburger by an average of 10% and in our Big Mac by an average of 9% in some key markets.3

We will continue exploring new ways to strengthen the nutritional profile of our menu items while maintaining the tastes customers love.

1 Sodium reduction information is this section is based on published nutrition data in the applicable markets, subject to local nutrition analysis and calculation standards and applicable disclosures.
2 Reductions range from 7% in Brazil to 10% in the U.S., 15% in the UK, and 27% in Canada.
3 Average based on sodium reductions for these menu items in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany and the U.S.