Restaurant employees can advance
along a career path that spans many
levels and functions.



U.K. Example

While specific levels, positions, and job titles vary among McDonald’s markets, the general career path from entry-level crew positions to restaurant management is available around the world. Employees often enter at the crew member level. After completing required training and mastering certain skills, they can obtain the qualifications needed to advance to the next level and may eventually move into restaurant management positions and, ultimately to operations consulting and beyond. An example of how this comes to life in McDonald’s U.K. is below.


Fredis Gutiérrez

Store Manager, Ray Kroc Award winner
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA

"Before I took the class, I didn't feel confident talking with people or with my customers. There is a big difference before "English Under the Arches" and after. Now, I see more opportunities in my future and in this company."

Fredis Gutiérrez has been affiliated with a McDonald’s in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport for a decade. Since graduating from “English Under the Arches”, he has been promoted to store manager and won the McDonald’s Ray Kroc Award, an honor bestowed on the top 1% of McDonald’s restaurant managers in the country.


Tim Fenton

Chief Operating Officer
McDonald’s Corporation

Tim Fenton started as crew in 1973 in Utica, N.Y. By '79 he was "Manager of the Year." Throughout his 40 years of McDonald's Operations and leadership experience in the U.S., Europe, and APMEA, McDonald's Chief Operating Officer has continued to reach for opportunities to learn, grow and lead, and has encouraged McDonald's employees to do the same.