Good Planet

Our Vision is for McDonald's restaurants to create positive impacts for our communities, society and the planet. Since the Company’s founding, being good neighbors has been part of our heritage. Back then, environmental management generally meant doing less harm. But today we focus our opportunities on doing more good. That’s why the Company and its Franchisees are seeking new ways to further improve restaurant efficiency, manage energy usage and costs, recycle waste and conserve and reuse water, all while engaging our people and our customers to strengthen the business and our brand.


Our 2020 Aspirational Goals

  • 20% increase in energy efficiency of Company-owned restaurants.
    (Top 9 Markets excluding Brazil and Japan. Develop Franchisee goal in 2016.)
  • Increase energy efficiency through restaurant standards.
    (Top 9 Markets. Develop goals in 2014.)
  • Increase amount of in-restaurant recycling to 50% and minimize waste.
    (Top 9 Markets.)

Moving toward 2020 and beyond, the Company will continue to drive progress on sustainable restaurant design, equipment innovation, energy management, waste minimization and recycling, and water efficiency. Since some McDonald’s markets have made more progress than others, it’s imperative that we leverage and scale best practices, where appropriate, that are initiated within markets across the McDonald’s System to drive innovation and progress toward the Company’s goals.