Welcome to the Best of Green

89 case studies highlighting environmental innovations with tangible business benefits

Environmental pressures present both challenges and opportunities for the future of the planet. As a company and brand with a large global footprint, we have a responsibility to take meaningful action as environmental stewards to address the impacts of the McDonald’s system.

McDonald’s Global Best of Green recognizes environmental best-practice innovations with tangible impacts for our business and our brand. These environmental innovations, taking shape at multiple levels throughout the McDonald’s system, illustrate that positive change can originate from anywhere and that we all have a role to play in improving our environmental performance.

McDonald’s Corporation, together with its majority-owned subsidiaries worldwide (what we refer to collectively as the “company”), operates in a wide range of geographies. Some McDonald’s markets are further along than others. This is natural. The strength of the McDonald’s system is that we can leverage approaches from around the world to drive innovation and use our scale and scope to make a positive difference. It is our hope that markets across the McDonald’s system can leverage these activities and use them as a catalyst for similar improvements toward advancing progress against our Planet Pillar goals.


Meet the Global Environmental Council, 2014 Selection Committee and Planet Champions

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