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Best of Sustainable Supply

Fifty-one case studies highlighting sustainable supply best practices from around the world:

Welcome to McDonald’s 2014 Best of Sustainable Supply. This year, we are delighted to honor 36 suppliers and 51 projects that represent real innovation toward a more sustainable supply chain. Innovation is key to our CSR and sustainability journey, and McDonald’s suppliers have an impressive track record of innovating for what we call sustainability’s three Es: ethics, environment, and economics.

We hope you find as much inspiration in their stories as we do. Read more about their stories and the supply chain.

Jose Armario

Corporate Executive Vice President, Worldwide Supply Chain, Development and Franchising


Supplier Leadership

McDonald’s works closely with suppliers to continuously improve the economic, ethical, and environmental impacts of our supply chain. Our suppliers take this responsibility seriously and, in many cases, innovate toward a more sustainable supply chain. Visit these online resources for more about some of our efforts around the world.

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Latin America:

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