Animal Health and Welfare

Improving the health and welfare of animals in our supply chain throughout their lives


Healthy animals provide safe food. For a company that’s built our reputation on serving safe food since 1955, this is critically important to us and our customers. McDonald’s doesn’t raise any beef, poultry, pork, dairy or laying hens and so we choose to collaborate with those that do – actively engaging with producers, academic advisors and our suppliers in the development of housing, handling, health care and slaughter practices within our supply chain.

As a global enterprise doing business in 100+ countries, we understand the complexities of raising food animals in different climates with varying regulation and legislation as well as the need to be respectful of the cultural and geographic diversity that exists. We also recognize the positive influence we can have as a large purchaser of beef, poultry, pork and dairy products.

Our focus is on prioritizing the opportunities we know are important to our business and to our customers. This prioritization is informed via our ongoing consultation with animal health and welfare experts, and drives work plans for issue-specific working groups, defined outcomes and timelines.