Animal Health and Welfare Guiding Principles

Improving the health and welfare of animals in our supply chain throughout their lives

These global principles apply to all our business segments and are supplemented by more detailed policies that are species specific or provide global guidance on a specific topic (such as McDonald's Vision for Antimicrobial Stewardship for Food Animals).



First and foremost, McDonald’s provides our customers with safe food and drink. Food safety is our number one priority.


We believe treating animals with care and respect is an integral part of our commitment to serving our customers safe food. Healthy animals provide safe food.

Animal Treatment

The Five Freedoms and the provision of positive welfare for those animals in our supply chain is a fundamental responsibility of those that provide raw materials to the McDonald’s system. We maintain objective measurement systems at all our approved slaughter facilities to safeguard positive welfare and work further back into the supply chain to confirm these same standards are applied on the farm.


We’re committed to working with our suppliers, industry leadership and NGO’s as well as promoting the notion of continuous improvement as the science of animal health and welfare continues to evolve.

Segment Leadership

To be the leader, one must act like a leader. Leaders lead and we recognize that our position in the global marketplace comes with that responsibility.

Performance Measurement

Measurement enables improvement. McDonald’s sets performance objectives for ourselves, through our suppliers, which drive continuous improvement and ensure that our purchasing strategies align with our commitment to improving the health and welfare of animals in our supply chain throughout their lives.


We will communicate our plans, programs, processes and progress surrounding animal health and welfare. Global performance against objective measurement criteria via third party audit is communicated in our 2014 Good Business Report.