Commitment on Forests

In April 2015, McDonald’s announced our Commitment on Forests. The policy outlined our vision to eliminate deforestation from our supply chain starting with beef, poultry, palm oil, coffee, and fiber used in consumer packaging. Our commitment to end deforestation has always included not only the preservation and conservation of forests, but also of areas of high conservation value (amongst other criteria), and a commitment to the individuals and communities that depend on forests around the world. See all of the criteria here.

Since the announcement of our Commitment, McDonald’s has been working with our supplier partners to outline roadmaps and achieve progress. Solutions do not exist today in every area that we are focusing on – but much like our work to lead and support the development of roundtables, principles, and definitions for sustainable beef – we are committed to creating and being part of the development of new solutions.

McDonald’s and its suppliers are engaged in many forums established to advance sustainable forestry practices. For example, the company is a member of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 group and are working closely on the Latin America sub-team. We continue to work closely with World Wildlife Fund on this issue, including as members of their Global Forest & Trade Network.

Similarly, McDonald’s is a member of the Roundtable on Responsible Soy and the emerging work on deforestation-free beef and soy in Latin America. Earlier this year. McDonald’s actively supported the indefinite extension of the landmark Brazilian Soy Moratorium, an agreement between civil society, industry and government, preventing major traders from selling soy linked to deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.

Our work on this important issue continues, and we are committed to reporting progress regularly and transparently on this website and through external disclosures to credible third parties such as CDP Forests.



McDonald’s Corporation’s Commitment on Forests (PDF)
McDonald’s Commitment on Forests Supporting Addendum (PDF)

In February 2017 we changed the name of our Commitment from ‘Commitment on Deforestation’ to ‘Commitment on Forests’. The content within the commitment remains unchanged.