Global Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement

McDonald’s has potentially created more economic impact for diverse communities than any other company in the world. Our belief is rooted in “Diversity IS Inclusion”, a bold and seismic value proposition where EVERY individual feels their culture, identity, and experiences are valued and respected. We know that listening to and participating in knowledge-sharing and eclectic insights has helped make us the organization we are today - from our crew members to our board members. From our suppliers to our customers to our community partners.

By aligning our “Diversity IS Inclusion” proposition with our culture pillars of Customer Obsessed, Better Together, and Committed to Lead, we are affecting the business in a positive way.

Community Engagement

Being an active member in the communities we serve has been fundamental to the McDonald’s business since the founding of our company. McDonald's, our franchisees, and our employees, continue to seek ways to make meaningful impacts on the diverse communities where we live and work.

To that end, the Global Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement team has established shared value relationships with several community-based organizations. These relationships help provide us with direct insights into issues and challenges facing our communities - where we are neighbors as well as business owners.

Over the years, our key partners have included:


At McDonald’s, we pride ourselves in offering our people world-class learning and education opportunities. From our long legacy of preparing restaurant managers at Hamburger University to running multi-million dollar businesses to our global leadership development programs, we find education and training to be vital for our future competitiveness.

Our Global Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement department has created an education portfolio entitled ‘Food for Thought’, Beyond Bias. The overarching objective is to offer an education experience where everyone is aware of their unique ability to create delicious feel-good moments for our customers, and is able to develop meaningful relationships with colleagues that inspire the higher levels of engagement we need to drive business growth.

‘Food for Thought’, Beyond Bias education is firmly centered in our core belief that, “Our Unconscious Bias can slow us down; moving ‘Beyond Bias’ speeds us up”.  Unconscious Bias can negatively impact the potential feel-good moments between our employees and our customers. They are the stereotypes, both negative and positive, that exist in our subconscious that affect our behavior: How we work better together. The level at which we are committed to lead. Our ability to move FAST and be customer obsessed.

Employee Business Networks

McDonald’s has a long history of supporting and building employee business networks. Our Employee Business Networks help promote an inclusive work environment, foster relationships, support career development opportunities and grow the business. They also provide a source of mentors, role models, and sponsors, as well as give network members access to senior leadership, information on career strategies, and opportunities for advancement. They are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace and are aligned with the company’s strategic business priorities so they may serve as a catalyst for growth.

employee business networks logos
employee business networks logos

Inclusive Contractual Practices

McDonald’s is committed to diversity, equal opportunity and an inclusive workplace culture.  This commitment is fundamental to the way we do business and we embed it in our policies and practices.  We further recognize that maintaining our commitment will require ongoing reflection on and evolution of these policies and practices.  In this regard, we are providing greater transparency regarding our approach to certain contractual arrangements we may enter into with employees based in the United States. Specifically, arbitration, noncompetition, and nondisclosure covenants have come under public scrutiny where their overbroad application may result in inequities.  With this in mind, we limit our use of such agreements as follows:

  • We do not and will not, as a condition of employment, require mandatory arbitration of harassment and discrimination claims;
  • While leadership within the officer level, representing less than 10% of the employee population in 2019, sign noncompetition covenants, we do not require as a condition of employment any employee below the officer level to sign post-termination, noncompetition covenants, except in very limited situations as authorized by the General Counsel for an employee who has unique skills, knowledge or access to intellectual property, trade secrets or highly confidential customer information that would provide a competitor with an advantage (e.g., complex knowledge regarding menu innovation or critical technology applications or systems); and
  • In the event that McDonald’s seeks a nondisclosure covenant in connection with the settlement of a harassment or discrimination claim brought by an employee or former employee against an officer of McDonald’s Corporation, we will provide notice of such arrangement to the Board of Directors to ensure the Board has appropriate oversight. 

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