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In consideration of the environment, please opt to have email notifications sent through our email subscription portal at the bottom of this page.

Registered Shareholders: e-Delivery of Shareholder Meeting Material

Worldwide, McDonald's strives to conserve natural resources in a variety of ways. We are proud to offer shareholders an opportunity to be environmentally responsible by registering to receive shareholder meeting materials electronically.

If you register with Computershare for e-delivery, you are giving McDonald’s permission to send all shareholder documents to you via email with a link to a secure website. You can change your electronic delivery options at any time.

You can also call Computershare to request electronic delivery of shareholder meeting materials:

1-800-621-7825 (toll-free in US/Canada)
1-312-360-5129 (International)
1-312-588-4110 (TDD for the hearing impaired)

Beneficial Shareholders: e-Delivery of Shareholder Meeting Material

If you’re a beneficial shareholder, please sign up for e-Delivery of shareholder meeting material through your broker.

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