7 Facts About McDonald’s Coffee and McCafé You Probably Didn’t Know


September 28, 2022

1. Coffee first appeared on the McDonald’s menu in 1948.

2. In 2021, McDonald’s System coffee sales totaled $5.5 billion.

3. 98.7% of the ground and whole bean coffee used in espresso-based McCafé drinks, McCafé retail products and coffee brewed at McDonald’s restaurants is sustainably sourced. Sustainably sourced means the coffee is either Rainforest Alliance, Utz, Fair Trade USA, or Fair Trade International certified or is coming from a McCafé SIP-approved program.

4. The McCafé brand was created in Melbourne, Australia in 1993.

5. Australians are still huge fans of McCafé espresso drinks. The three most popular McCafé drinks in the country are cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites.


 McDonald’s supports coffee farmers’ livelihoods. We’re proud to partner with our roasters to help provide training and technical guidance, as well.

7. Do you know where McDonald’s restaurants sell the most McCafé drip coffee? The USA. 8. In 2017, Canadians voted McCafé their favorite coffee in the country.

8. In 2017, Canadians voted McCafé their favorite coffee in the country.


 McDonald’s sold more than 1 billion McCafé Frappes worldwide in 2021 alone.

10. McDonald’s coffee has a different signature coffee flavor profile in every market.


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