ESG Reporting

We’re committed to providing accurate and relevant updates on progress toward our Scale for Good goals, as well as other environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, ensuring accountable structures of governance and focusing on the issues that matter most to our stakeholders.

Our ESG reporting

The Scale for Good section of our website is designed to be a living reporting platform where readers can see how we’re doing year on year, and find the latest updates on our strategy, global priorities, policies and performance. We also share issue-specific reports on topics of importance to our business and society. In addition, some of our markets around the world publish local reports and updates on what they’re doing in sustainability.


ESG performance data

We have a number of goals and environmental and social performance indicators that we use to measure progress and hold ourselves accountable. We report annually on our climate change, energy and greenhouse gas emissions, water management and forests strategies through CDP.



Scale for Good governance and materiality

In support of our vision to use our Scale for Good and ensure responsible leadership across our business, we take steps to ensure strong governance, clear accountability, stakeholder engagement to drive prioritization, and a commitment to transparency and accurate reporting.



Scale for Good reporting scope

Unless otherwise stated, information and data across the Scale for Good section covers McDonald’s Corporation and its majority-owned subsidiaries worldwide operations during fiscal year 2018 (January to December).

For our developmental licensee and affiliate markets (those not operated by the Company), we rely entirely on the accuracy of the performance data provided by their management. For more information on the Company’s structure and scope, please see the Company’s Annual Report. In addition, certain information in this report has been provided by third parties, including our suppliers. In these cases, we have relied on these third parties for accuracy and completeness.

Statements contained in these web pages about future developments and past occurrences are based on information and assumptions available as of the date of publication. While we are committed to providing timely updates on our website, the Company holds no obligation to update information or statements.


Setting goals to drive success

As the world’s largest restaurant company, we have the potential to help lead sustainable innovation in the key areas of the world’s food system. It’s something we’ve been working on for a long time, using our influence, size and reach, and by working side by side with McDonald’s customers, employees, Franchisees, suppliers and partners, to be a responsible leader.

In 2014, we launched McDonald’s Global Sustainability Framework, which established our 2020 aspirational goals across a series of social and environmental topics in pillars we called Food, Planet and Sourcing. We’ve made progress on a number of the goals.

In the years since we released the 2014 Framework, we have continued to look for ways to further embed social and environmental issues into the core of our business and engage both our internal and external stakeholders in meaningful dialogue on our priorities and performance. This resulted in us taking a fresh look at our 2014 Framework to ensure both our focus areas and goals represent optimal opportunities for growing our business while making a positive difference in society.

Our Scale for Good strategy, launched in 2018, is a culmination of our work with stakeholders, a focus on our Velocity Growth Plan and an overall evolution of our prior 2014 Framework to further embed social and environmental issues into the core of our business. The Scale for Good strategy outlines a series of goals for 2022–2030, in line with our major business priorities and areas of greatest opportunity to drive transformational change across the industry.

These goals guide our work across a range of social and environmental impact areas, as we transitioned from our 2014 Framework to our Scale for Good strategy. Working with our suppliers and Franchisees, we are monitoring our activities and report progress on our journey.


ESG Reporting Website Archives


2013 Global Reporting Initiative Index (pdf, 6.1MB)

2011 Sustainability Scorecard (pdf, 6.1MB)

2010 Report (pdf, 1.5MB)

2009 Report (pdf, 1MB)

2008 Report (pdf, 2.2MB)


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