Food Safety and Quality

McDonald’s mission is to serve safe and delicious food to our customers each and every day. Food safety and quality are at the core of everything we do, from farm to fork.


Why it matters

Food is at the heart of our business and we take pride in serving familiar, fun-to-eat favorites that our customers enjoy. We’re constantly evolving our food by setting ever higher goals for taste and quality, all while introducing new offerings. Together with our suppliers, we leverage our combined expertise and passion for McDonald’s food to drive toward constant improvement.

Food safety is the absolute number one priority at McDonald’s. We work with leading food companies, academia, and regulatory agencies on advancing food safety standards and practices globally, including serving on the board of the Global Food Safety Initiative since 2008.


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Our approach | Our actions


Our approach

We ensure food safety by implementing science- and risk-based food safety standards from farm to fork. McDonald’s Food Safety Operating Principles guide food handling practices throughout the supply chain and all the way to the counter at our restaurants.


Food Safety Operating Principles


We are leaders that advance food safety from farms to restaurants.

global approach
global approach

Global Approach
Our food safety management system is science and risk based. It is implemented in all markets.

personal responsibility
personal responsibility

Personal Responsibility
All McDonald's employees are empowered to bring ideas and take action to elevate food safety.


Our Suppliers and Franchisees are accountable to comply with food safety standards and regulations.


We are proactively sharing food safety best practices with internal/external stakeholders.


Fostering a Food Safety Culture

Food safety is about people, behaviors and attitude. At McDonald's, our food safety culture advancement effort includes everyone from our CEO to crew members. We have ongoing programs to educate employees about food safety practices, and our suppliers and restaurant operators participate in food safety trainings where we share best practices on food safety and quality.


Quality and Consistency of our Products

We have established three quality centers in North America, Europe and Asia to ensure that McDonald’s favorites such as our world famous French Fries, Chicken McNuggets and Big Macs always taste great and meet our rigorous standards. Through these centers, McDonald’s provides supplier trainings and assesses product quality for consistency and taste. We have a robust product governance process to ensure the quality  of our favorite menu items around the world and we are always striving to do better.

Our actions


In the Supply Chain

McDonald’s has developed and implemented science- and risk-based food safety standards based on best practices and food safety principles including Good Agriculture Practices, Supplier Food Safety and Quality Management Systems and the Distribution Center Quality Management Program. Our raw material and processing suppliers as well as logistic partners must implement and document compliance to McDonald’s food safety and quality management system requirements.  Compliance to these systems is verified by third party audits annually. Audit compliance is reviewed internally and used to drive continuous performance improvements year after year.


At the Restaurants

Food safety standards are implemented at every McDonald’s restaurant. Restaurant food safety and quality management procedures are integrated into McDonald’s Operations and Training Program and based on Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points principles. All restaurant crew members receive training on food safety and managers receive more advanced training on food safety. Daily food safety checks on key food safety standards and procedures are conducted in all McDonald’s restaurants.  McDonald's verifies implementation of food safety standards at the restaurant level through internal or third party audits.

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