Our People and Communities

Whether in our restaurants, franchises or supply chain, an investment in those who work for us means a positive impact in local communities around the world. This means working environments that respect human rights and better opportunities for individuals, families and farmers.



Children looking inside a McDonald's Happy Meal

Commitment to families

In partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, we’re raising the bar with more fruit, vegetables and dairy in our Happy Meals, as well as innovating in how we communicate more balanced choices.

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Group of young people

Youth opportunity

In 2018 we launched a new initiative called Youth Opportunity, with a global goal to reduce barriers to employment for two-million young people by 2025, through pre-employment job readiness training, employment opportunities and workplace development programs.

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A man receiving his diploma

Our investment in people

Every day, McDonald’s and its Franchisees provide restaurant employees opportunities to learn, grow and succeed. As one of the world’s largest employers, McDonald’s is evolving how it supports the development of those joining – or rejoining – the workforce to reach their full potential.

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A girl riding a bicycle in a play area

Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®)

We care about supporting the communities around our restaurants. As Founding Mission Partner, we help RMHC provide comfortable spaces for families with sick children that offer the support and resources they need to thrive.

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Two people holding up a piece of paperwork

Human rights

Operating an ethical business that respects human rights is integral to our business, as Ray Kroc explained in 1958: “The basis for our entire business is that we are ethical, truthful and dependable.”

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A farmer and some cows

Global Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement

We welcome customers of every culture, age and background, and we proudly invest in all the people our success rests on – our crew, our suppliers and our community.

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Smiling Employee

Gender balance and diversity

We are committed to creating a workplace where everyone is equally supported and empowered to realize their full potential.

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A farmer and some cows

Farmer livelihoods

Our success depends on the success of the farmers who grow, harvest and produce quality ingredients. It’s why we invest in sharing, testing and scaling methods that increase yields and efficiency, while protecting land and livelihoods into the future.

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