Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®)

We care about the people and communities near McDonald’s restaurants. In 1974, we became the Founding Mission Partner for RMHC and continue to provide support to the Charity in many ways. Today, RMHC has chapters in 64 countries and regions around the world.

Why it matters

Surrounding every McDonald’s restaurant is a neighborhood with rich potential but also social challenges. We know that our business can only thrive if these communities thrive too.

That’s why, as well as creating lasting social and economic value through our day-to-day business, we’ve been making a direct contribution to Ronald McDonald House Charities since 1974. This is not only the right thing to do; it helps us connect better with McDonald’s employees, investors and wider society.


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Our approach

Helping RMHC children and their families

McDonald’s restaurant operators, suppliers, employees and customers have helped support the charity since it was founded over four decades ago. We are the Founding Mission Partner to Ronald McDonald House Charities and we use our size and scope to help RMHC serve families in 64 countries and regions around the world. Since 1974, RMHC has supported millions of children and their families.

By making and facilitating cash and in-kind contributions, McDonald’s helps enable RMHC to keep families together when their sick children are treated far from home. RMHC focuses on three core programs to keep families near to the medical care and resources they need:

  • Ronald McDonald Houses – more than just a place to sleep, each House is just steps from the hospital and provides meals, comfort and support to families with sick kids.
  • Ronald McDonald Family Rooms – located within the hospital, this program allows families a place to recharge, rest and have a snack just steps from their hospitalized child’s bedside.
  • Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles bring medical, dental and health care resources to children and families in vulnerable communities.


RMHC provided approximately 2.4 million overnight stays to families at Ronald McDonald Houses and Family Rooms in 2017.



The Company's support of charitable work such as that provided by RMHC helps contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a global agenda to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, specifically:

As well as these, we’ve mapped our Scale for Good initiatives to all 17 goals.


Our actions

Giving back

McDonald’s gives back to RMHC Chapters in a variety of ways around the world. Some countries or regions donate a percentage of the sale of specific products or run other special promotions in restaurants. For example, in the U.S. and Canada, a portion of the sale of every Happy Meal is donated to RMHC.


Approximately $43 million was donated from the Penny-per-Happy-Meal fundraiser, 2010–2017, in the U.S.




In-restaurant events are a great way to raise funds and engage customers. In many countries, special days are dedicated to raising funds for RMHC by inspiring customers to participate and give back too.


Almost $3.5 million raised across Canada during McHappy Day, 2017

Approximately $4.01 million raised across Australia during McHappy Day, 2017



RMHC Donation Boxes

By incorporating RMHC Donation Boxes in McDonald’s restaurants and drive-thrus around the world, we make it easy for customers to support RMHC with spare change. Since 2012, our global customers have generously donated over $200 million to RMHC at McDonald’s restaurants through these boxes.


Approximately $52 million donated by McDonald’s customers through RMHC Donation Boxes globally in 2017

Approximately 650,000 overnight stays could have been funded for families at Ronald McDonald Houses or Family Rooms through RMHC Donation Box revenue in 2017



Giving time

Many of McDonald’s operators, employees and suppliers are actively involved in volunteering with RMHC Chapters. Some even volunteer as board members, helping to shape the direction and approach in line with the critical needs of children and their families.


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