November 9, 2020

Check out our new packaging designs, coming to markets around the world

With so much fresh and new at McDonald’s these days – from game-changing experiences like MyMcDonald’s to the delicious Crispy Chicken Sandwich coming soon – it made sense to refresh our food and beverage packaging now, too.

This year we’re excited to start rolling out bright and beautiful new designs around the world that feel modern, fresh and fun, and extend our new award-winning visual identity to our customers’ hands. Simple, bold graphics that nod to our world famous menu items are combined with a playful wink to whatever tasty item is inside. Think melting cheese drips on a Quarter Pounder with Cheese box, bubbles climbing the sides of cold drink cups or a bite missing from the cookie on a pastry bag.

The new packaging designs will launch in all markets globally over the next two years for one consistent look, so no matter where you are in the world, you can spot the same bag – maybe dotted with sesame seeds or striped with French Fries – and know that a McDonald’s might be right around the corner.