Our Curriculum

At Hamburger University in Oak Brook, IL, 19 full-time professors with restaurant operations expertise deliver the McDonald’s training curriculum.

  • Our curriculum is delivered using a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on lab activities, goal-based scenarios and computer e-learning modules.

  • McDonald’s employees align training with their specific career paths, including development paths for crew, restaurant managers, mid-managers and Executives.

  • The Crew Development curriculum is developed and supported by the professionals at Hamburger University and facilitated in the restaurant. For crew, this serves as a foundation for management and support-staff career paths.

  • Restaurant Managers progress their way through Shift Management and Systems Management courses while attending one of our 22 regional training centers. Once these courses have been completed, managers attend Hamburger University where they learn the additional knowledge and skills they need to run a multi-million dollar restaurant.

  • The Mid-Management learning path at Hamburger University is for business consultants and department heads. It builds on their leadership and consulting skills, teaching individuals how to effectively operate a business and how to coach and consult with others to run great restaurants.

  • The Executive Development learning path helps reinforce ongoing business and leadership skills for top management. The courses available at Hamburger University build upon the leadership competencies needed to support employees, owner/operators and sales growth.