Sustainable Supply Chain

Focusing on the 3E's:
Ethics, Environment and Economics

The McDonald’s supply chain is a complex web of direct and indirect suppliers. We manage this complex system by working with direct suppliers who share our values and vision for sustainable supply. We hold them to clear standards for quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability. We expect them to extend those requirements to their suppliers. We also partner with them to identify, understand and address industry-wide sustainability challenges and achieve continuous improvement. Overall, McDonald’s and our suppliers are collectively focused on three areas of responsibility: ethics, environment, and economics.

Our supply chain focus areas include:

Our Sustainable Supply Chain Vision

We envision a supply chain that profitably yields high-quality, safe products without supply interruption while leveraging our leadership position to create a net benefit by improving ethical, environmental and economic outcomes.

  • Ethics - We envision purchasing from suppliers that follow practices that ensure the health and safety of their employees and the welfare and humane treatment of animals in our supply chain.

  • Environment - We envision influencing the sourcing of our materials and ensuring the design of our products, their manufacture, distribution and use to minimize life-cycle impacts on the environment.

  • Economics - We envision delivering affordable food, engaging in equitable trade practices, limiting the spread of agricultural diseases, and positively impacting the communities where our suppliers operate.

We view this vision and our responsibilities holistically. As sourcing decisions are made, we consider our priorities for food safety, quality and costs, as well as our ethical, environmental and economic responsibilities. Our global progress on beef and coffee sustainability illustrate how we are working to bring this approach to life.

Our Approach: Holistic Vision, Steady Progress

The McDonald’s supply chain is comprised of many different local and regional supply chains around the world that are tied together globally by strategic frameworks and policies and the McDonald’s Worldwide Supply Chain department.

To guide the creation and oversight of issues related to sustainability, an additional global governance structure was created in 2007 called the Sustainable Supply Steering Committee (SSSC). The SSSC is responsible for guiding McDonald’s toward our vision for sustainable supply by identifying global priorities and ensuring progress in ways that complement local priorities and efforts. In addition, each of our global product leaders (which we have in place for major purchases like beef and potatoes) takes the lead to include product-specific sustainability initiatives in their strategies.

We know there is much more to do. We continue to work with our direct suppliers, advisors and relevant industries to make sure our suppliers are aware of the importance of sustainability. We also continue to support the development of multi-stakeholder efforts that promote more sustainable raw material production.

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