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Guidelines and Restrictions for the Use of McDonald’s Trademarks and Logos

McDonald’s trademarks and logos are important assets to the company and represent the brand quality and consistency that we have developed with our customers over the course of many years. We ask journalists and students who would like to use McDonald’s trademarks in connection with news stories and reports to observe the following guidelines and restrictions:

  • The trademarks and logos may only be used as part of or in close proximity to a published article, educational report, or broadcast news story about McDonald’s Corporation and its products or services.
  • The trademarks and logos may not be copied or distributed apart from the applicable article or broadcast. You may not redistribute the trademarks or logos in hard copy or electronic form for others to use or copy.
  • You may not modify the form, color or design of any logos. You may not animate or otherwise distort the appearance of any logos. You may not cut off or cover up any portion of the logos. The logos must stand alone and should not be combined with any other logos, elements or designs.
  • Please use the correct trademark symbol (® or TM as applicable) immediately following the first or most prominent use of any trademark or logo.
  • Use the correct generic name or descriptor immediately following the first mention of the trademark in text (such as “Big Mac sandwich”).
  • Do not use “Mc” or “Mac” to create a new word that is not associated with McDonald’s, such as the word “McMansion” to describe a large home.