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Community Impact & Philanthropy
With more than 40,000 restaurants, we have a unique connection with communities the world over. We believe that comes with a responsibility to help support the people within them.

Ronald McDonald House Charities®
Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC®) helps support families when their child is sick or injured, and McDonald’s is proud to be its founding and forever mission partner.


McDonald’s is a part of communities around the world, and we believe we have a responsibility to support local people. It’s a responsibility we take seriously ‒ because we know when our communities thrive, so does our business. With our scale, diversity and legacy, we aim to build strong and inclusive connections that deliver on the needs of our communities, including through our support of of Ronald McDonald House Charities, showing up during times of need, and supporting key organizations that maximize our collective impact to feed and foster communities.

McDonald’s is proud to serve as a founding mission partner of RMHC. The McDonald’s community has provided their time, funds and in-kind services, all of which have helped RMHC positively impact millions of children and their families since 1974. The actions we take – alongside our customers, Franchisees and suppliers around the world – have enabled us to continue to support families, despite unforeseen global challenges.

Learn how our menu has evolved to offer a wider variety of choices, and how we build safe, respectful workplaces that are diverse, equitable and inclusive. We are also committed to respecting the human rights of the people who work for us, directly and across our supply chain and regularly engage with stakeholders across our value chain.


Recent Highlights

Community Impact & Philanthropy

  • Donated over $5 million in employee assistance and international relief support efforts led by the Red Cross in Ukraine and across Europe.

  • The U.S. business provided over $850,000 in community grants and sponsorships in the U.S. Additionally, in the U.S., one penny from every Happy Meal at participating McDonald’s was donated to RMHC, totaling $5.9 million.

  • Made a $5 million commitment to the Obama Presidential Center to support it in 2022 and 2023.

  • Launched a Chicago-based investment strategy supporting local communities, including a $3.5 million investment with 40 local nonprofit organizations.

  • Trained and/or hired 1.7 million opportunity youth since July 2018.

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)

  • In total, McDonald’s, our Franchisees and customers donated over $182 million to RMHC in 2022, helping the charity provide more than 2.2 million overnight stays for RMHC families around the world.

  • In 2022, McDonald’s donated $20 million to RMHC as part of our five-year, $100 million commitment (2022–2025) to support families when they need it most.


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Reporting Across Our Purpose & Impact

This section of our website – Our Purpose & Impact – acts as the primary platform for our foundational approach, strategies and policies over each of our priority environmental and social issues, alongside recent progress highlights. In addition to our overall approach to issues, our goals and performance work in tandem to drive transformation across our four Impact Areas – the topics we know matter most to our stakeholders – helping us stay accountable for realizing our purpose and driving meaningful impact.

For a comprehensive view of our progress and actions in 2022, please see our annual Purpose & Impact Report, or our Goal Performance & Reporting web page.


Related Issues

Additional issues across our four pillars include:


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