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Community Impact
With more than 39,000 restaurants, we have a unique connection with communities the world over. We believe that comes with a responsibility to help support people.

Ronald McDonald House Charities®
Ronald McDonald House Charities® helps families stay together when children are sick or injured, and McDonald’s is proud to be its founding mission partner.


Our business thrives when our communities thrive. With our size and scale, we’re uniquely positioned to give back to the communities we serve in meaningful ways, including reducing barriers to youth employment. We think globally and act locally to better connect with our customers, employees and wider society to help meet their needs.

Many significant world events and fundamental shifts in society over the past years have further proven the importance of food security and health and safety for communities. Throughout it all, we’ve been able to serve as a critical resource – showing up during times of need and helping feed and support the most vulnerable people in our communities – elderly and isolated neighbors, families and children.

McDonald’s is proud to serve as a founding mission partner of Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®). RMHC has a global network of more than 260 Chapters in 62 countries and regions, and supports families in accessing medical care for children. RMHC programs provide families with somewhere to stay, in or near leading hospitals and healthcare services, ensuring they have access to the medical care their child needs.

Learn how our menu has evolved, to offer a wider variety of choices, and how we build safe, respectful workplaces that are diverse, equitable and inclusive. We are also committed to respecting the human rights of the people who work for us, directly and across our supply chain, and regularly engage with stakeholders across our value chain.


Recent Highlights

Community Impact

  • Donated $5 million in 2022 to our Employee Assistance Fund and support relief efforts led by the International Red Cross in response to recent developments in Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis in Europe.

  • Continued to partner with our crew, Franchisees, suppliers, producers and farmers to serve food in our communities, offering free “Thank You Meals” to healthcare workers and first responders.

  • Established a partnership with the Obama Foundation to support the Obama Presidential Center in our shared hometown, as well as its global programming and local Chicago initiatives, by donating $5 million over two years (2022–2023).

  • Supported approximately 1.3 million young people with training programs and job opportunities since launching the Youth Opportunity program in 2018.


Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®)

  • In total, McDonald’s, our Franchisees and customers donated over $168 million to RMHC in 2021, helping the Charity provide more than 1.8 million overnight stays for RMHC families around the world.

  • In 2021, McDonald’s donated $20 million as part of our five-year, $100 million commitment to support families when they need it most.


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