Our Purpose & Impact

Feeding and Fostering Communities


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2021–2022 Purpose & Impact Progress Summary

Explore our main points of ESG progress and performance from 2021–2022.

Here at McDonald’s, our purpose is to feed and foster communities.

As the leading global foodservice retailer, we believe it’s our responsibility to make our impact on this world a positive one.

We believe in using our influence, size and reach, and engaging with McDonald’s customers, Company staff, Franchisees, suppliers and partners, as a responsible business with a positive impact on communities globally. We’re proud of the work we do to help make a difference – and will continue working to deliver progress in the communities in which we operate.

We’re driving impact by living our purpose. The actions we continue to take today across people, communities and our planet will ensure we’re building a better business and a more trusted brand for generations to come.

The Issues We’re Acting On

Our Planet


                                    Climate Action
We are working to take climate action and helping transform our food systems to be more resilient for the future ahead.


                     Packaging, Toys & Waste
We are accelerating solutions that reduce waste while also transitioning to more sustainable materials in our packaging and toys.


                       Nature, Forests & Water
We’re taking a holistic approach to protecting natural resources, the communities that rely on them and the future of our business.

Food Quality & Sourcing


                                        Food Safety
We have a long-standing commitment to serve safe and quality food to customers in every single market, each and every day.


                     Nutrition & Marketing Practices
As one of the most frequented restaurants in the world, we help feed millions of people every day, with a focus on evolving the Happy Meal and making balanced meals more accessible to families across the world.


                         Responsible Sourcing
We’re using our scale and influence to help positively impact our planet, animals and the people in our supply chain, especially for our priority ingredients where we can have the greatest impact: beef, soy for chicken feed, fiber, palm oil, fish and coffee.


                        Responsible Antibiotic Use
At McDonald’s, we are working to ensure the responsible use of antibiotics in our supply chain, including reducing the use of medically important antibiotics in food animal production.


                           Animal Health & Welfare
We continue to prioritize the health and welfare of animals throughout our supply chain. 

Jobs, Inclusion & Empowerment


                Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Guided by our values, we are committed to becoming better allies, better sponsors and better leaders – helping to empower the people and communities we serve.


                                Talent & Benefits
Providing a best-in-class employee experience – where people are given opportunities to learn and develop – is a business imperative because it directly impacts the customer experience.


               Safe & Respectful Workplaces
We believe we all have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of employees and anyone who enters a McDonald’s-brand restaurant.


                                     Human Rights
McDonald’s purpose is to feed and foster communities. Central to that purpose is respecting human rights wherever we do business.

Community Connection


                              Community Impact
With more than 39,000 restaurants, we have a unique connection with communities the world over. We believe that comes with a responsibility to help support people.


                Ronald McDonald House Charities®
Ronald McDonald House Charities® helps families stay together when children are sick or injured, and McDonald’s is proud to be its founding mission partner.

Reporting Our ESG Progress

This section of our website – Our Purpose & Impact – is a living report where we share our approach to, and progress against, our priority ESG issues. Our goals and performance work in tandem to drive transformation across our four Impact Areas – the topics we know matter most to our stakeholders – helping us stay accountable for realizing our purpose and driving meaningful impact. Within these Impact Areas we have established strategies, goals, policies and performance indicators to manage our performance. 


Relevant Reports and Summaries


See All Current and Past Reports

Our Approach


                          Impact Strategy & Governance
Explore how we manage our impact strategy and govern our priority ESG issues.


                                  Business Resilience
We build resilience by anticipating risks, preparing mitigation plans and building in contingencies to strengthen our business.


             Stakeholder Engagement & Public Policy
We engage closely with a range of stakeholders to inform our strategies and embrace the role we play in communities with policymakers globally.


                    Performance & ESG Reporting
We are committed to measuring our impact across our priority ESG issues and communicating transparently on it, adapting our approach in line with key stakeholder expectations and third-party guidance.


Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Our work across each of our Impact Areas contributes important progress toward the multi-stakeholder agenda for sustainable development around the globe.

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