Franchising Status

We are currently not recruiting franchisees for this market. We may elect to change this strategy one day, however for the foreseeable future, we have no plans to place additional franchisees into this market. Given this fact, we are currently not seeking new franchisees in this market and therefore cannot offer new franchise opportunities there. We kindly ask for your understanding of our strategic decision.

If however you are interested in selling or leasing a possible restaurant location to our McDonald's franchisee, we kindly ask you to send us a detailed offer for the location.

The site location information should include the following characteristics:

  • location (address)

  • size of property

  • major streets surrounding property

  • building permit information

  • parking possibilities

  • photos, maps (if available)

Upon receiving the above listed site data, we will forward this location information to our franchisee in this market.

Thank you for your interest in McDonald's and patronage of our restaurants.