About Golden Arches Insurance Ltd. (GAIL)

Golden Arches Insurance Limited (GAIL) is an insurance company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation.  GAIL was established to protect Brand McDonald’s as well as to provide the system with a cost-effective alternative to the commercial insurance market.

The GAIL standard Package Program provides Property, Business Interruption, General Liability, Crime and Personal Accident insurance coverages, with terms and limits that enable our insureds to be compliant with most of the insurance requirements within the Franchise Agreements.

The GAIL program works with Zurich Insurance Company and their partners, to issue policies in over 89 countries, ensuring that our policies are admitted in each country where we do business.

Crawford & Co and their local partners, adjust the claims on behalf of GAIL.  GAIL works with Crawford to establish best in class claim handling guidelines that are specific to McDonald’s.  Claim practices and servicing is managed by our Global Team and oversight is with the McDonald’s Insurance Department.

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Key Advantages of the Golden Arches Insurance (GAIL) International Insurance Program

  • Developed and managed by McDonald’s for McDonald’s
  • McDonald’s leverage in coverage, pricing and claims issues
  • Broad, consistent and secure insurance protection vs. local markets
  • Stability of long-term insurance costs and coverage vs. commercial market
  • Ease of access and administration
  • Satisfies many of the insurance requirements in Franchise Agreements
  • Scalable and flexible to meet system needs
  • Ability to provide difficult or unavailable coverages, i.e., terrorism, wind, EQ, Flood
  • Provides McDonald’s specific claims management and litigation support
  • Ability to manage “brand impact” claims
  • Inclusion of McDonald’s staff within claims structure
  • Customizable incident escalation, notification and reporting capabilities
  • Long term partnerships with thorough system experience to meet McDonald’s needs
  • Expedited advance payments for catastrophe losses
  • Reporting capabilities that include a dashboard and analysis tools to identify trends and opportunities for actionable loss control
  • Process transparency and optional inclusion in broker/claims management sessions