2021 Three-legged Stool Award Recognizing Support For RMHC

Three-Legged Stool Award In Support of Ronald McDonald House Charities 2021

February 25, 2022

Ray Kroc introduced the principle of the Three-legged Stool over 60 years ago, but the meaning behind it remains as important today as it did then - the stool is only as strong as the three legs that form its foundation: our employees, our franchisees and our suppliers.

There is no greater example of the strength of our Three-legged Stool, or the impact we can have on local communities across the globe when we work together, than through our partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®). RMHC is an independent, non-profit organization that creates, finds, and supports programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. Through a global network of over 260 Chapters in 62 countries and regions, RMHC programs help families with sick or injured children stay together and near leading hospitals and health care services, helping to ensure they have access to the medical care their child needs. We’re a family restaurant, so keeping families together when they have a seriously ill child is something that’s really important to us. Since the charity was founded in 1974, employees, franchisees and suppliers of McDonald’s have all played a critical role in supporting RMHC.

The 2021 Three-legged Stool Award Recognizing Support For RMHC recognizes employees, franchisees and suppliers who champion the McDonald’s Values of Community and Family by actively contributing to RMHC at a local, regional, or national level. Winners receive a $1000 donation for their local RMHC Chapter.

Congratulations to our 2021 winners!

Three-legged Stool – Suppliers

Scott McCain
McCain Foods 

Through what continues to be a most challenging time for the RMHC mission across Canada – Scott McCain and his entire team continue to support the Charity in meaningful ways. Steadfast and generous financial commitments contribute significantly to the growth and expansion of the RMHC mission across Canada – especially for RMHC Manitoba and RMHC Atlantic. Scott helps steward gifts from the McCain Family Foundation, secure event sponsorships, and encourages supply chain activations. Scott and his team have also been instrumental in finding ways to pivot support in times of crisis. McCain Foods keeps the House stocked with McCain products and host regular Home for Dinner events. Scott’s leadership also motivates McCain employees to volunteer their time with RMHC providing meals and creative outlets to support the needs of RMHC families. “Truly, McCain Foods, led by Scott McCain, is one amazing company, with incredible staff teams in both Manitoba and across the Maritimes.”

Mick McLoughlin
Bencee Les Wilson Pty Ltd 

Mick is the owner of a building and shopfitting company who has worked with McDonald's Corporation and Franchisees for over 12 years. During this time, Mick's company has also helped with many building projects for RMHC Southeast Queensland. He provides in-kind services and materials/products and substantial discounts for the Charity. Mick’s connections in the community makes him instrumental in linking personalities and donors to support the RMHC mission. In 2021, Mick played 2001 rounds of golf over six days to personally raised over USD $275K for the Chapter – helping to mitigate the impact COVID-19 is still having on fundraising. Since Feb 2014 Mick has been an active member of the Chapter Board and recently also joined the national RMHC Australia Board as well. “Mick demonstrates a passion and commitment to our mission and our families on a daily basis,” the Chapter shared. “He always wants to do more to help.”

Alejandro Ortiz
Coca-Cola Company

From 2018 to 2020 Alejandro Ortiz helped secure over USD $2M for RMHC Argentina which helped with remodeling and expansion expenses; operational costs and growing the Chapter’s donor database. His influence also helped make sustainability improvements and investments in cultural and digital transformations. Alejandro is now a member of the Chapter’s Positioning Committee. He also helps plan and execute multi-target and multi-platform fundraising events and has engaged a local rugby star to become an ambassador for the Charity. Additionally, Alejandro inspires his Coca-Cola employees to support the Charity as well. “Ale is a true believer in our mission and vision,” the Chapter said. “He is a team player and always is thinking in new ways to collaborate and involve new people with our mission.”

Three-legged Stool – Franchisees

Susan Durlak

Sue Durlak is a veteran volunteer, board member, an advocate of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Richmond (RMHC Richmond,) and a passionate supporter of the RMHC mission. Through hard-work, determination, and a dedication to help others, Sue has helped raise funds, awareness, and support for RMHC for 34 years. She builds relationships and makes connections with vendors, hospital executives and McDonald’s colleagues who make a significant impact on the RMHC mission. Her passion and energy have been effective in increasing awareness of the Charity, and it’s not unusual for sponsors, volunteers, donors, and event attendees to share they got involved because of Sue. She is the driving force behind inspiring her restaurant crew members, who are among the most successful fundraisers for RMHC locally, and across the country. As her nomination included, “Sue’s unique skill set has directly and positively impacted the lives of families year after year.”

Joan Elhoffer

For the past two decades, Joan has given her time, treasure, and talent in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of St. Louis as a Franchisee. While she and her husband, David, both support the Chapter financially, Joan also serves on the Board of Directors for RMHC St. Louis, and ignites passion in her customers, crew, and fellow Franchisees for the RMHC mission. In 2019, Joan became a leading advocate for new facilitated giving technology in restaurants: Round-Up for RMHC. She personally trained multiple RMHC Chapters and Owner/Operators across the country, helping raise millions of dollars for RMHC. Joan even discovered that drive thru times were reduced when customers chose to Round-Up for RMHC. “This is the best thing I have ever done in my career,” Joan shared. “It warms my heart that we have done something positive in a bigger way.”

Douglas Wright

Doug has been a dedicated supporter of Ronald McDonald House Charities UK throughout his career. As Board Chair for Ronald McDonald House Birmingham, Doug committed himself as a champion for the RMHC mission. Over the years, Doug’s leadership has helped raise money in restaurants, inspire advocates in the community, and innovate support for RMHC. Doug’s pioneering spirit was the driving force behind the Chapter’s first virtual Gala in 2020, and a hybrid event in 2021. Both events surpassed all fundraising expectations! Additionally, Doug’s generosity of time and knowledge is unmatched. He is a valued part of the RMHC team locally and nationally. “Doug takes real pride in his work with the Charity and supporting us to raise awareness,” the Chapter shared, “He always makes time to talk to guest families and staff and is a valued member of the Birmingham Team.”

Three-legged Stool – Employees

Jill Lennox

Jill has a generous spirit, freely giving her time and talent to RMHC Australia, regularly organizing fundraising events, awareness campaigns and helping operate a Family Retreat program for RMHC families. Jill collaborates with local businesses, McDonald’s suppliers and licensees within the region to support the Charity and engage customers in restaurants as well. Jill continually ensures the Charity is well represented and maintains engagement with the community, including undertaking many television and radio interviews on behalf of RMHC Australia. This is all done while working full-time and caring for a family of her own. “Jill’s ability to form genuine relationships has created an integral support network within the region,” the Chapter shared. “Her deep ties in the community, passion and determination to create real change, has had a significant impact to the Charity and the families we support.”

Luisa Masuet

Luisa Masuet’s relationship with RMHC dates back twenty years. She has supported the growth and expansion of programs for RMHC Spain - from helping identify land for the first Ronald McDonald House in Barcelona - to building consistent economic support from franchisees and restaurant customers - so the charity can continue meet the needs of families in the community. Luisa has also helped the chapter build a diverse and professional Board and is the liaison between the Chapter and franchisee community. Even as Franchisee Director and General Counsel of McDonald's Spain, Luisa spends every Friday afternoon dedicating quality time with the families and staff at the Ronald McDonald House in Madrid. “Without Luisa’s commitment and dedication to the charity,” the Chapter shared, “we would not have the number of programs that we have, as well as the financial stability to be able to continue with our mission.” 

Vince Schneider

Vince Schneider gives generously of his time to organize creative fundraisers and raise awareness for RMHC Toronto. Vince is also a personal supporter and keeps the RMHC mission top of mind in his restaurants and the community. Every year, Vince makes a generous donation in lieu of gifts for his staff and actively supports fundraising efforts by encouraging participation in programs like Round-Up for RMHC. He is a reliable supporter of the “Home For Dinner” program, often driving his staff two hours to Toronto to donate food and staff time to prepare meals for our families. In the community, Vince uses his connections to leverage local media to raise awareness of the Charity, often taking radio interviews and booking media appearances. “We are incredibly grateful to Vince for his ongoing commitment and drive on our behalf,” the Chapter shared.

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