6 things you should know about McDonald’s World Famous Fries®

July 10, 2020

Pedro S. | Director Global Quality Systems - Agricultural Products | Porto, Portugal

Ever wonder why our fries always taste delicious? It's because we’re quite strict about the potatoes we use.

For us, serving delicious, quality food has always been our top priority. Here are a few things you should know about our World Famous Fries® (and why they’re so good):

  1. Our World Famous Fries® are always made from whole potatoes. Our suppliers peel, cut, blanch and par fry quality potatoes before freezing them and shipping them to our restaurants, where they’re prepared into the hot, crispy fries you know and love.

  2. We’re quite strict about the potatoes we use. Ever wonder why our fries always taste delicious? It starts with our potatoes. All of them must meet a set of high standards related to size, shape, varietal, color, and storability.

  3. Our potato suppliers know their stuff. All of our suppliers use state-of-the art technology and quality controls to identify ideal potatoes and prepare our fries for shipment to restaurants.

  4. Our restaurant standards ensure the quality and consistency of our World Famous Fries®. The process we use to cook our fries in-restaurant is very well defined – everything from the cook time to the amount of salt is carefully measured, so they always taste hot and delicious.

  5. You can find our Fries in all our restaurants around the world. Sightseeing in a faraway land? You can spice things up by trying some unique local McDonald’s menu items – but remember, our World Famous Fries® will always taste like home.

  6. Our fries have been on the McDonald’s menu since 1955. Back then, restaurant crew would hand cut potatoes in store!

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