Here in Australia, we added convenience items to our drive-thru menus

April 26, 2020

Mark H. | Franchisee | Australia


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Adding Convenience

Adding Convenience

Convenience items like milk and bread are all awaiting safe and convenient pick-up.
Access Adding convenience items to drive-thru menus | McFamily video with audio descriptions on YouTube.

This decision has kept the pressures off the supermarket supply chains and allowed customers to pick up essential food items from within their cars

Offering milk & bread at our drive-thrus supports both customers and supermarkets.

Essential items have been increasingly difficult to access during the pandemic. So here in Australia, we launched a first-of-its-kind initiative to help ease the burden on supermarkets and also providing a convenient option for our customers by offering milk, bread and other grocery items on our drive-thru menus.

The idea initially came from Andrew Gregory, our Australian CEO, and was quickly implemented at our restaurants, where everyday food items were being offered with an easy pickup. We have recently expanded our convenience offering to almond milk and soymilk.

It’s just one way that we here at McDonald’s can support our customers and communities, helping supermarkets manage their supply, and allowing customers to get the items that they need quickly and conveniently. 

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