How McDonald’s is keeping Values at the front of the agenda.

April 27, 2021

It’s work we welcome.

While we’re proud of our history of listening, learning and taking actions to ensure that McDonald’s is a place of equitable opportunity for everyone, there is no end date on progress. 

Guided by our Values and Purpose, we are committed to being better allies, sponsors and leaders. Our global ambition is to represent the diverse communities in which we operate, accelerate cultures of inclusion and belonging, and dismantle barriers to economic opportunity.

Wherever we can, we will use the full might of our scale and influence to help change society in ways that benefit our employees, franchisees, restaurant teams, suppliers, customers, and communities. We continue to take intentional steps to listen first, in all facets of our business, to make necessary iterations-which only come from having frequent conversations on how we get better together and ensure that the commitments we make become the actions we take.

Read on to see action we’ve taken, guided by our Values, to advance our impact in the communities we serve:

SERVE: We Put our Customers and People First 

Restaurant crew and managers are the heart and soul of McDonald’s.  We’re committed to actions to provide opportunities. 

Rewarding hard work.

McDonald’s USA is raising hourly wages for more than 36,500 hardworking employees at McDonald’s-owned restaurants by an average of 10 percent. These increases, which have already begun, will be rolled out over the next several months and include shifting the entry level range for crew to at least $11 - $17 an hour, and the starting range for shift managers to at least $15 - $20 an hour based on restaurant location. These raises reflect McDonald’s commitment to evaluating competitive wage data and the evolving legislation and regulatory environment to determine the appropriate wage ranges on a market-by-market level. The business assesses periodic adjustments to wages and benefits on an ongoing basis to remain competitive and support the needs of employees.

We’re making education more accessible for the community and restaurant employees  

Education is a human right. Everyone should have access to the necessary tools, knowledge, and opportunities to forge their own path and pursue their own dreams. McDonald's wants to change that. That’s why for the past several years we've worked constantly to provide a leg up to those who truly need it, including our HACER scholarship program, and  Archways to Opportunity.  We’re dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams. 

INTEGRITY: We Do the Right Thing

Looking out for one another, and speaking up for each other, is both an imperative and a responsibility we all share – one that makes us all stronger. 

Setting global standards for ensuring safe, respectful and inclusive workplace. 

As of January 1, 2022,  Global Brand Standards aimed at furthering a culture of physical and psychological safety for employees and customers through the prevention of violence, harassment and discrimination will be implemented. All 39,000 McDonald’s restaurants, both Company-owned and franchisee locations, in more than 100 countries will be required to adhere to these standards. Implementation will be supported by a suite of policies, tools, trainings and reporting mechanisms.

INCLUSION: We open our doors to everyone.  

We show allyship, through accountability.  

When you interact with McDonald’s – through the app, in a restaurant, by watching a commercial, working in an office setting or as a crew member – inclusion and equity should be as evident and familiar as the Arches themselves. To bring this aspiration to life, we shared goals in February 2021 which we set as we continue to build the strong foundation we need to fully realize our DEI ambition.

As a world-leading brand that considers inclusion one of our core values, we will accept nothing less than real, measurable progress in our efforts to lead with empathy, treat people with dignity and respect, and seek out diverse points of view to drive better decision-making. To hold ourselves accountable, the Company is incorporating quantitative human capital management-related metrics to annual incentive compensation for its Executive Vice Presidents. In addition to the Company’s financial performance, executives will be measured on their ability to champion our core values, improve representation within leadership roles for both women and historically underrepresented groups, and create a strong culture of inclusion within the Company.

Increasing spend with diverse-owned companies across the marketing supply chain. 

Over the next four years, McDonald’s and Owner/Operators are accelerating the allocation of advertising dollars to diverse-owned media companies, production houses and content creators. McDonald’s total investment in diverse-owned partners – including Black, Hispanic, Asian Pacific American, Women and LGBTQ-owned platforms – will more than double, moving from 4% to 10% of national advertising spend between 2021 and 2024.

From our core, we support and promote entrepreneurship

At McDonald’s we love to see and support the generational entrepreneurship and community building that our Owner/Operators deliver everyday.

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