Atlanta’s Black Owner/Operators are making the Golden Arches shine

October 23, 2020

Supporting communities, offering opportunities and modeling leadership – these are just a few of the rewards of serving as McDonald’s Owner/Operators, say many of Atlanta’s African American franchisees.

In a video highlighting area operators, these McFamily members pointed to the positive impact that they are having on their teams and crew. 

"McDonald’s has always been a champion for diversity."

"As a Black McDonald’s Owner, I feel I have insight into all the great opportunities available to African Americans in this great brand,” says Mark Mines, who runs four restaurants in Greater Atlanta. 

It’s a sentiment that rings true for many, and a point of pride. 

“The most rewarding part of being a McDonald’s Owner/Operator is the ability to provide my crew with opportunities that they may never have if not part of the McDonald’s family,” says Vicky Chancellor, who operates nine McDonald’s restaurants with her husband David across the Atlanta market. 

With that, they also recognize the responsibility to serve as role models, demonstrating the value of hard work and entrepreneurship, as well as their commitment to local communities and schools. 

“To me,” adds Anthony Greenwood, Jr.  a second generation franchisee, “being a Black McDonald’s Owner/Operator is about being an inspiration to the next generation.” 

Watch their inspirational story here: 


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