McDonald's Poland is making safety magical this holiday season

December 14, 2020


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The tale of Cinderella Who Didn’t Go to the Ball.

You’ve heard the timeless tale of Cinderella – glass slippers, evil stepsisters, Fairy Godmothers and all. But have you heard the story where Cinderella chooses not to go to Prince Charming’s ball?

In this story, Cinderella arrives at the ball, but when she sees guests aren’t wearing masks or social distancing, she decides the safe and responsible thing to do is leave. Don’t worry – the Prince notices her beautiful gold face mask and her smart decision to leave the ball from afar and decides Cinderella is the most fit to be his kingdom’s Queen. 

Cinderella Who Didn’t Go to the BallSnow White and the Washed Apple and Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Who Wouldn’t Keep a Distance are three fairytales reimagined for the COVID-19 era, meant to help young children around the world understand why we’re living a bit differently during the pandemic.

The fairytales were dreamed up by McDonald’s Poland and masterfully brought to life by famous Polish actress Anna Dereszowska. Together, the stories tackle modern challenges: Why is it so important to wear face masks? How should I wash my hands? What does it mean to social distance? Adults and children alike can find answers to these questions in these reimagined stories with familiar characters.

The safety of families in our communities is always of the utmost importance to us at McDonald’s. Take some time with your family this holiday season to enjoy these new takes on traditional fairytales. 

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