McDonald’s Demonstrates Consistently Strong Results

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July 27, 2023

Q2 2023 Results

Our Accelerating the Arches strategy fueled another quarter of double-digit comparable sales across each of our business segments.

Comp Sales Growth









Consistent execution against our strategic pillars has made our brand stronger and more relevant than ever - and we’ve created a better customer experience.


Grimmace meal promo photo

Authentic, Culturally Relevant Marketing

The U.S. took the nostalgic experience of celebrating birthdays at McDonald’s and repackaged it for a new generation. “Grimace’s Birthday” quickly became one of our most socially engaging campaigns of all time. Grimace drove millions of reactions on our social media posts and three billion views on TikTok. This viral phenomenon is a proof point of the power of McDonald’s marketing and how our brand emerges in organic and creative ways with fans.


Spicy McNuggets

Family Core Menu

Our chicken equities remain at the core of our growth strategy. Multiple markets celebrated the 40th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets, connecting with the Gen Z consumer. Australia and Germany offered Spicy McNuggets where both markets achieved significant lifts to the McNuggets line as a result, and Spicy McNuggets sales reached an all-time high in Australia.

Frequent Flyer program

Customer-Centric Digital Experience

Canada introduced a new experience in the McDonald’s app with the launch of the Frequent Fryer Program. Tapping into Canadians’ passion for travel, the digital campaign celebrated McDonald’s fries and the opportunity to taste them in other countries. This creative approach to engage with our loyalty members resulted in lifts to both digital acquisition and digital customer frequency.



Our second quarter results reflect consistently strong execution of our Accelerating the Arches strategy, with global comparable sales growth of 11.7% and double-digit comparable sales growth across each of our segments. The McDonald’s brand has never been stronger and I remain inspired by the ability of the McDonald’s System to create cultural conversations and develop industry-leading innovations. While global macroeconomic challenges persist, we continue to invest in our growth drivers and our brand to meet the customer needs of tomorrow.”

    McDonald’s President and Chief Executive Officer



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