How our restaurants and RMHC Russia are offering food and shelter to medical workers

May 22, 2020

Marc C. | Managing Director of McDonald’s Russia | Moscow, Russia


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The health and well-being of families, as well as volunteers and staff, has always been one of the top priorities for RMHC Russia.

Here in Russia, we, along with RMHC Russia are supporting and sponsoring RMHC and medical workers through the crisis.

Throughout Russia, McDonald’s has been doing its best to help local frontline heroes. We launched a number of socially significant initiatives to encourage those who are currently under the greatest burden.

 Since the beginning of the pandemic, McDonald’s restaurants in Russia have served free food to all ambulance staff. To date, we have served more than 400,000 free meals at our drive-thrus throughout the country. We have also donated free food to hospitals treating COVID-19 patients, and given free lunches to volunteers who are taking care of elderly people.

 Moreover, the Ronald McDonald House in Kazan is currently housing medical staff who are treating COVID-19 patients. The house usually accommodates parents whose children undergo treatment at the hospital, but they have all returned home, allowing RMHC Russia to create this initiative. The health and well-being of families, as well as volunteers and staff, has always been one of the top priorities of the Ronald McDonald House. So far, 26 doctors have moved in so they can get some rest in the comfortable bedrooms, relax in the dining room and cook something tasty in the kitchen. As the largest corporate sponsor to RMHC, we’re just so thankful for everything our health care workers are doing to fight the pandemic.

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