With our charity fundraiser postponed, we released funds raised to local RMHC Chapters

April 26, 2020

Laurie S. | Franchisee | Marietta, Ohio, USA

From the cast of Dancing with the Docs to the local RMHC Chapters, we thank you for taking care of our communities.

While Dancing With the Docs may be postponed, serving our community didn’t have to wait.

For the last five years, our community looks forward to "Dancing with the Docs." This is an annual event that raises funds to benefit RMHC of Southern West Virginia (Charleston) and RMHC of Central Ohio (Columbus). Our community of only 16,000 people has raised over a quarter million dollars for our local RMHC Chapters since the event began."

With fundraising beginning in February 2020, the event was scheduled to be held again this year in April. However, in response to the COVID outbreak, it has been postponed until October. This left thousands of dollars already donated, going unused, while donations to our local RMHC organizations are declining and volunteer support has been paused due to the pandemic.

We wanted to make a difference right now.

We approached the cast of this year's "Dancing with the Docs" with a request to release all funds currently raised, to support the local Chapters when they need it most.

The cast overwhelmingly said yes, and we are proud and excited to be able to support families in need as well as overworked staff at the local Ronald McDonald House programs, as we continue to raise even more donations for our October event.

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