5 Things to Know About McDonald’s Vice President and Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer Reginald J. Miller

November 02, 2020

Reginald J. Miller, who goes by Reggie, has joined McDonald’s as its new Vice President and Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer. Reggie comes to the McFamily from VF Corporation as their former Vice President, Global Inclusion & Diversity, where he developed the company’s award-winning formal diversity and inclusion strategy that led to VF being named to Forbes’ 2020 Best Employers for Diversity list.

Get to know Reggie here with five quick facts about him!

1. The U.S. Military set the early foundation for Reggie’s interest in how people and systems work together. Early in his career, Reggie served as a Supply Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve, and was deployed to Afghanistan, Germany and Uzbekistan. His broad military experience has influenced his connection to many cultures and experiences that have shaped his approach to inclusion at all levels of an organization.

2. His professional background spans Fortune 10 companies. Reggie has worked for several global companies including Walmart, Tyson Foods, and his most recent company, VF Corporation. He has worked in a variety of corporate functions including supply chain, merchandising, international project management and multiple disciplines within human resources. He also was an instructor and faculty administrator for the University of Phoenix for several years.

3. He believes strongly in servant leadership. Although Reggie has worked for several Fortune 250 companies, it all began with his first job in high school: McDonald’s! Reggie believes his time as a shift manager at McDonald’s was the beginning of his leadership journey, and that time shaped his perspective on servant leadership and inclusion.

4. He wants the workforce to look and feel different when his three young children begin their careers years from now. His passion for his work stems from experiences he’s had in his past – and the future he wants for his children. A self-described “small-town country boy” from Osceola, Arkansas, Reggie came from humble beginnings to lead teams across a variety of business functions and several areas within HR. He ultimately pivoted his career from supply chain into the D&I space because he wanted to ensure everyone has an opportunity, and a voice, regardless of their background.

5. He’s excited to join McDonald’s because…it’s a pivotal time for diverse voices and perspectives to be celebrated and engaged in accelerating meaningful change. Reggie is excited to spend some time in our restaurants speaking to our staff and our customers. As a customer, he has visited McDonald’s restaurants around the world, and he understands the importance of the leaders there and the different perspectives they bring to their function.

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