5 Things to Know About Ian Borden

December 10, 2019


Ian Borden was just named President, International. This is huge.

This newly created position brings the International Developmental Licensed (IDL) Markets and International Operated Markets (IOM) together under one leader, enabling us to manage our international business in an even more cohesive way. This move will encourage better collaboration, accelerate best practice sharing and strengthen our rich history of learning from each other.

We figured you might want a few facts on the man who will step into this newly created role. 

Read on for five things you need to know about Ian Borden.

1. Ian is a long-standing member of the McFamily…Think: Quarter of a century. Ian’s career at McDonald’s has thus far spanned 25 years, beginning in the finance department in Canada. He rocketed into a myriad of international roles, from Chief Financial Officer of McDonald’s Russia and Eastern Europe, to Managing Director of McDonald’s Ukraine, with many stops in between, culminating in his most recent role as President, IDL Markets.

2. Ian and his family have more passport stamps than you can count on both hands. Ian has spent 22 of his 25 years at McDonald’s in the field, living internationally and working with global teams. He’s visited more than 80 countries and continues to enjoy ex-pat living with his wife and two sons.

3. This proud Canadian is a Double Cheeseburger fanatic. He tries it in every country he visits… and this guy visits a lot of countries.

4. Ian’s career history makes him uniquely qualified to lead in his new role. For the last 4.5 years, he’s had the privilege of leading our IDL Markets, working with 46 developmental licensees (DLs) across more than 80 markets. While leading the IDLs, Ian relentlessly focused on the fundamentals of customer satisfaction, operational execution, people foundations. Coupled with an ambitious deployment of digital, delivery and EOTF, Ian led the segment to deliver 17 consecutive quarters of comp sales growth. This experience leading the IDLs as well as his deep roots in multiple McDonald’s international markets position him for success. 

5. Ian is passionate about our international business. Our international business is the growth and idea engine of the system. We have strong momentum and incredible opportunities for further growth in this area, especially when we work together as a system. Ian himself said it best: “I look forward to collaborating with the market teams, our franchisees and suppliers to realize our full potential together.”  In his new role, Ian will focus on ensuring all three legs of the stool are strong and working together – in pursuit of profitable growth.

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