Famous Orders: The BTS Meal

April 19, 2021

Famous Orders: The BTS Meal

Dear colleagues and partners, 

Last year, we embarked on a journey to deliver growth and drive greater impact in the communities we serve through our Accelerating the Arches plan. We defined three pillars, rooted in our brand identity, as key drivers for our growth: M for Maximize our Marketing, C for Commit to Core menu favorites, and D for Double Down on the 3D’s (Digital, Delivery and Drive-Thru). 

But as you’ll recall, these are more than independent levers to pull on. When activated together, they create moments of magic for our customers.  

Our Famous Orders program, which launched in the U.S. last year, has become a powerful example of this. It shines a bright light on a simple, yet universal truth. In every country where we operate, from every walk of life and at almost every life stage: everyone has a go-to McDonald’s order.   

As we continue to harness our scale and our fans’ love of our core menu items, we’re taking this program one big step further. Introducing... the BTS Meal. We’re joining forces with global pop icons, BTS, to offer their favorite order in nearly 50 participating markets – making this our first celebrity signature order that will be available to McDonald’s customers all over the world.  

True to the Famous Orders that have come before it, this is much more than a traditional promotional campaign; and we’re tapping into McDonald's key strengths to bring it to life. That work starts today, as we maximise our industry-leading Marketing capability to celebrate the union of these two iconic brands and excite our millions of fans. Just as importantly, the BTS Meal will celebrate our Core menu favorites in a fresh, captivating way - and we'll use our Digital footprint to engage with customers on the channels that are most convenient for them.  

It all comes down to building more meaningful, authentic connections with our customers by celebrating the delicious McDonald’s food they love.

Speaking of our delicious food... I can’t wait to try the BTS Meal myself. The band’s signature order includes a 10 or 9-piece Chicken McNuggets® (depending on your market), medium World Famous Fries®, a medium drink and two dipping sauces – Sweet Chili and Cajun – inspired by recipes from McDonald’s South Korea. It will begin rolling out in participating markets starting May 26. You can find a full list of participating markets as well as dates for meal availability below.

I look forward to watching this campaign take off over the coming months. Until then, please join me in welcoming BTS to our global McFamily!


Alistair Macrow

Global Chief Marketing Officer

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