Five Things to Know About McDonald’s Global Franchising Officer Andrew Gregory

May 18, 2022

This month, Andrew Gregory stepped into the role of Senior Vice President, Global Franchising Officer. Andrew has been with McDonald’s for 25 years, most recently serving as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, McDonald’s Australia and New Zealand. Andrew’s experience leading a large market and keen understanding of our System will be instrumental as we continue to elevate McDonald’s as a truly world-class franchising organization.

Here’s what you should know about Andrew and what he’ll bring to the role!

1. He knows what it takes to run great restaurants. Andrew began his McDonald’s career at age 19, working as a crew member while attending university in Australia. He credits that early crew experience as having the strongest influence on his McDonald’s trajectory. He remembers the job as hard work, but also foundational and fun, working alongside crew and managers who ultimately became friends. Andrew believes that a strong restaurant manager and motivated, well-trained crew and shift managers are the secret ingredients to happy customers.

2. He’s passionate about our franchising model. Andrew sees franchising as a competitive advantage for the entire McDonald’s System. Why? Because of the talent and passion of our franchisees around the world. He’s looking forward to working with owner/operators to achieve further shared success and maintain McDonald’s greatness in franchising. Franchising works so well at McDonald’s, says Andrew, because of the positive impact and deep connections our restaurants have in the local communities they serve. He’ll apply his 25 years of experience working across McDonald’s disciplines and markets to the job – including his early crew member experience!

3. He’s undaunted by complexity. Instead, Andrew has seen how we can move fast and work effectively across each leg of the three-legged stool – franchisees, suppliers and employees. He points to all the ways we’ve stayed focused on keeping our people and customers safe while continuing to grow the business. And while the world may be changing rapidly, our customers and communities will always expect us to be true to our values.

4. He’s got a clear vision for the future. And franchising is central to that vision! Andrew believes the future success of our System relies on a strong relationship between franchisees and franchisor. He says we must continue to “expect the best of all of us” in forging a strong relationship built for the future. He looks forward to maintaining open and transparent communication, with a willingness to empathize and understand common objectives as the business – and our franchisees around the world – continue to grow.

5. He’s got a favorite menu item. Andrew may have worked in different roles and in different markets around the globe, but he’s stayed loyal to his favorite menu item. He’ll take a hot, fresh Big Mac any day!

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