Achieving Dreams Through Archways to Opportunity

May 19, 2021

Meet 20-year-old McDonald’s Swing Manager and recent high school graduate, Ana Iris.

Ana Iris moved to the United States from El Salvador when she was 14 years old and has worked at a McDonald’s restaurant owned by Van Management in Fairfax, Virginia since 2017. She’s also a single mother to an adorable little boy.

When Ana Iris first began working at McDonald’s, she didn’t know how to speak English fluently, and she hadn’t continued her education past 10th grade. Her son had become her #1 priority – but she still longed to eventually earn her high school diploma.

While working at McDonald’s, Ana Iris learned about the Archways to Opportunity program and the chance it offered her to complete her high school education. Her management and colleagues were eager to help her achieve her goals by enrolling in the Career Online High School, one of Archways to Opportunity’s offerings. She began her studies in the Career Online High School in 2019.

High School Graduation Celebration


Now, 14 months later, Ana Iris is officially a high school graduate. Everyone at Van Management is so proud of Ana Iris. They've watched her grow into a strong young woman who’s achieved one of her dreams – and now, she’s planning to go to college and teach her son the importance of education.

A few weeks ago, Van Management held a small, COVID-safe, high school graduation celebration for Ana Iris – cap and gown included. On behalf of everyone in our McFamily: Congratulations, Ana Iris!

Since its start in 2015, McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity program has increased access to education for more than 65,000 McDonald’s managers and crew through the Career Online High School, college tuition assistance, English language courses and more. Ana Iris is one of many Archways to Opportunity success stories – we look forward to welcoming many more in 2021.

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