Artisan Grilled Chicken

April 06, 2015

Responding to customer’s desires for a great tasting grilled chicken filet with simple ingredients, McDonald’s USA introduces new , freshly prepared in our restaurants.

Starting this week, will begin rolling out across all McDonald’s U.S. restaurants replacing all grilled chicken entrees including Grilled Chicken Deluxe Sandwiches, Premium McWraps, Snack Wraps and Premium Salads.

The new filet is prepared with quality ingredients customers recognize from their own kitchens, like parsley, garlic and salt. The full list of ingredients can be found here.

Each filet is:

• 100% real chicken breast

• Free of artificial flavors, added colors and preservatives

• Seasoned with pantry spices and herbs like parsley, salt and onion powder

• Cooked in McDonald’s kitchens using a canola and olive oil blend

• Seared on the grill to lock in flavor and juices

Compared to the previous grilled chicken recipe, the new filet has fewer ingredients and no longer includes sodium phosphates, a type of salt that helps retain moisture.

McDonald’s new filet supports the company’s commitment to listening to customers and taking action to meet their changing expectations. The introduction of the new chicken recipe closely follows a recent policy announcement from McDonald’s USA to work to source chicken raised without antibiotics important to human medicine within the next two years. The farmers who supply chicken for our US menu will continue to responsibly use ionophores, a type of antibiotic not used for humans that helps keep chickens healthy.

Visit for more information about McDonald’s latest efforts to improve its menu and new sourcing initiatives.