Our Ad Before Sunday’s Big Game is the Perfect Embodiment of Our Creative Strategy

January 30, 2020

Next up on our journey toward creative excellence… Sunday's big game.

As I shared earlier this week, everything we do with our creative will be inspired by those who love our food, our restaurants and our brand. This Sunday night we'll tap into our McDonald's fandom by sharing the answer to the question asked millions of times a day, "May I take your order?"

We asked some of our favorite and most famous customers what their go-to orders are: Kim and Kanye, Millie Bobby Brown, Whoopi Goldberg, sports reporter Erin Andrews, Dracula, the Hamburglar (take a guess what it was?), and a few football legends and potential legends-in-the-making.

Right before kick-off on Sunday we'll present their real orders, reminding viewers that celebs to star athletes aren't just people, but people who love McDonald's and have their go-to order.

Check it out...

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