Refreshing the All Day Breakfast You Crave, with the All Day Convenience You Love

May 14, 2019

Since we introduced All Day Breakfast in 2015, we’ve been committed to offering customers the food they crave, all day long. As we sharpen our focus on reducing complexity in our restaurants and for crew, McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. will refresh their All Day Breakfast menu on a local level to better serve customers after traditional breakfast hours. 

Giving local restaurants the ability to select the items they serve for their All Day Breakfast menus means an even better, faster experience for customers, day and night. 

Menu changes will allow restaurants to offer the most popular items while also serving delicious food at the speed and convenience our customers expect.

Specifically, local markets will have the flexibility to choose which items they serve and at what times they serve them. For example, markets where McMuffins are most popular would focus on McMuffin sandwiches during All Day Breakfast. If a local market opts to simplify their All Day Breakfast menu, that market can decide to begin at 10:30am local time or continue featuring an expanded All Day Breakfast menu before shifting to customers favorites at 2pm local time, based on what’s best for their restaurants and customers.

Most importantly: 10:30 a.m. is still not the end of breakfast at McDonald’s!

We are proud of our breakfast, and it remains an important driver for long-term growth and momentum. This refresh follows a series of tests to improve kitchen execution and the overall experience for customers by focusing on local customer favorites. It also follows recent moves to further reduce complexity for our restaurants and crew, including simplifying our Late Night Menu and elevating our core and traditional menu items like the Quarter Pounder®.  

This refresh may come as early as July and will be finalized by the end of the third quarter of 2019, as local restaurants determine what is best for them.