We’re bringing ‘aloha’ to our island community

May 26, 2020

David, Debbie & Patrick L. | Franchisees | Hawaii, USA

Caring for one another is simply the foundation of Hawaiian culture. In these times we’re supporting those brave professionals who are caring for all of us.

Demonstrating empathy and compassion was important to us long before the pandemic and it will continue to be long after we are past this crisis.

Giving back and supporting our community is a core principle of our family business and we hope to lead by example to encourage other businesses to do the same.

I believe you will find no place in the world with kinder and more caring people than here in Hawaii. The spirit of “aloha” – treating others with warmth, kinship and sincerity – can be found across the state and has always been our guidepost for how we live as a family, and how we operate as a business. In these unprecedented times, we find ourselves constantly returning to our values. We are proud to offer Mahalo Meals (Thank You Meals) twice a week to employees at medical centers who are doing drive-thru COVID-19 testing. We also donate Breakfast Burritos and perishables such as milk, orange juice, apple slices, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and cream to several charitable organizations, including a local housing program.

Health care workers wave to camera.

We’re thankful for the frontline workers in our community and doing our part to give back.

When three of our restaurants in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, briefly closed due to COVID-19, we did our best to ensure the health and safety of restaurant employees and customers, and immediately resume serving the community on re-opening – dropping off Thank You Meals to the Department of Health team that assisted us through our closure, as well as the local police department.  We also enjoyed hosting an Ohana (family) Night where employees could come by and pick up a free bundle of food for their families. We feel blessed and thankful for our McFamily members who have stepped up for each other during these challenging times and worked with us to build a stronger future for our communities. Their commitment has been truly inspiring.

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