Our Goal: Safety First

May 19, 2020

McDonald’s USA is taking care of its crew and customers

We are grateful for the 850,000 individuals who are the heart and soul of every McDonald’s restaurant across the U.S. As a people business, providing a safe environment in the restaurants is a top priority.  Throughout this crisis, we have been grateful to the teams in the restaurants who have made the choice to come to work and serve delicious, affordable food to those on the front lines, including providing over 12 million free Thank You Meals worth $63 million to our healthcare workers and first responders. Our owner-operators have shown generous support to their employees – including giving them raises, bonuses, appreciation pay, gift cards, free meals and groceries for them and their families.

Thanks to efforts of the individuals working in the restaurants, 99% of our locations in the U.S. have been able to stay open to serve and support communities across the country, including approximately $9.8 million in food donation programs, donating 1.45 million medical masks, donating $250,000 to support diverse communities most impacted by COVID-19, providing hundreds of thousands of free meals to schools and churches, We truly are in this together.

And we’re doing our part to help ensure the health and safety of crew and customers.Since the start of the pandemic, we have made nearly 50 process changes in our restaurants in accordance with guidance from the CDC and state and local health experts. These include providing wellness and temperature checks, masks and gloves, social distancing guidelines, increased cleanings and installing protective barriers. In addition, as reopening begins in states across the country, we are implementing a 59-page “playbook” that outlines the precautions we are requiring before restaurants reopen dining rooms. And we are confident that employees impacted by the virus are receiving sick pay to tend to their healthcare needs. 

Considering the impact the pandemic has had on our economy, our McDonald’s family and our communities, McDonald’s and its Owner-Operators are proud to be able to continue providing employment options.

As we navigate through this crisis, we will remain focused on the one goal that matters most: helping to protect the safety, security and well-being of crew and customers while playing what part we can to bring a little comfort and normalcy to our communities as only McDonald’s can. 

As the world’s largest restaurant company, we take this goal seriously and will continue to live up to the high standards we set for ourselves. McDonald’s customers and crew deserve nothing less.

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